Titan is a German brand of global reach, and is head positioned in sale of products in the travel industry.It is an unquestionable leader in manufacture of suitcases and business, sports and childrens' travel bags. In 2012 Travelite concern acquired the TITAN brand, thus establishing its leader position in the industry.

The company places great emphasis on the highest quality and functionality of its products. Due to technological research of material resilience, Titan offers products of the highest standards in quality and functionality.

In their manufacture, only light materials of EVA technology are used, as well as specially designed wheels which guarantee travel comfort.

The first polycarbonate suitcase in the  world was precisely manufactured by the Titan brand. It was from a line of suitcases from Titan 5th Element collection. Next, a classic model Titan X2 is on sale in legendary Bloomingdales department stores in 5th Avenue in New York.


All Titan luggage by Titan brand is in line with IATA (International Air Transport Association) specifications, e.g. the total of length, width and height must not exceed 115cm; in terms of dimensions required of the luggage taken on board. In 2010 Titan moved its production of polycarbonate baggage to Germany. 

The collections manufactured in Bavaria include: 5th Element, Xenon Plus, X2 flash, Backstage.

All products by TITAN brand are given multi-annual guarantee.

In 2010 the TITAN brand was once again awarded by German Leather Goods Awards for the best design and functionality at the International Fair in Offenbach.

The dynamic development of Titan brand and its spectacular success is a result of company's focus on modern production technologies together with innovative material use.

Choosing Titan products you ensure your comfort in every journey.

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