I General provisions

1.The regulations of an online shop are regulations articulated in Article 8 of the Act dated 18 July 2002 about online services ( Journal of Laws from the year 2002, No.144, position 1204 with ammendments)


2. The regulations define the conditions of making sale agreements in the online shop www.HYPERLINK ""titanHYPERLINK ""-tHYPERLINK "" in accordance with the content of other Acts, but in particular regulates the principles of using the services of the online shop www.tHYPERLINK ""itan-HYPERLINK "" , the methods of placing orders and their realisation, but also the course of dissolving contracts  and complaints procedure


3. The regulations of the online shop www.tHYPERLINK ""itan-HYPERLINK "", together with all materials (photographs and other teksts) shown on the website are subject to copyright and legal protection.


4. The owner of the shop is BTL FORMS Limited Company, Limited Partnership registered in Warsaw at No.66 Kołacińska Street, NIP No: 524806821

5. Administratorem danych osobowych jest firma TM Studio mieszcząca się przy ulicy Legnickiej 52 we Wrocławiu 54-204, NIP: 831 130 38 53, zwana dalej Sprzedającym/Usługodawcą. 

5.The Administator of personal data is TMStudio, a company located at No.52 Legnicka Street in Wrocław 54-204, NIP 831 13038 53, hereinafter reffered to as the Seller / Service Provider.


6. The subject of the online shop activitywww.HYPERLINK "" is the sale of products by Titan-Travelite brand through the internet.


7. The Buyer - a natural person contracting the sale with the Seller.


8. The Customer - a natural person using online services provided by the Seller.


9. The shop www.HYPERLINK "" realises transactions within the territory of the European Union.


10. The Product / The Article - a movable object on offer of the online shop www.HYPERLINK "" 


11. The prices of products on offer of the Seller are gross, dominated in Polish currency

II Types, range and conditions of services rendered

1. The Seller provides free services in the range of:

a) leading an account in the online shop www.HYPERLINK ""

b) placing orders in the online shop www.HYPERLINK ""


 2. While using the online shop serviices , the Customer is obliged to observe the prohibition of the online delivery of any substances of illegal character.

III Order execution

1. In order to shop in online shop www.HYPERLINK "" it is essential for the Customer to register on the www.HYPERLINK "" website with genuine, current data and the correctly filled order form. Sending the registration form is equivalent with the acceptation of the resolutions of the present regulations.


2. The purchase in the online shop www.HYPERLINK "" takes place through the realisation of respectively consecutive stages: choosing the products, placing the order, choice of the delivery method, choice of payment, and payment realisation.



3. Products offered by the Selller are delivered by the couriers: DPD/UPS

4. The cost of shipment is covered by the Seller, in case of the value of the order higher than 250 PLN./  in  PL. Otherwise, the cost is covered by the Buyer.


5. The Buyer has the choice of the method of payment for the goods purchased. The Buyer can make the payment:

- by traditional money transfer

- through online payment


6. After filling in the order form, it is necessary to send it through the iternet site www.HYPERLINK ""  Sending a correctly filled in form is the moment of conclusion of the sale contract between the Buyer and the Seller.


7. Sending the form with the chosen mode of online payment results in redirection of the Buyer to the online payment platform and realisation of chosen method of payment.


8. After payment realisation, the Buyer will receive from the Buyer on the email address given in registration in the online shop: an order confirmation, a receipt of payment for order execution, the online shop regulations together with the form of withdrawal from  agreement and a complaint form.


9. In the case of failure to complete the payment online, the Buyer has the right to resign from the order placed. We ask you to send the information  about your resignation from  an order to the following email address:


10. In the case of a traditional money transfer to the Seller's bank account chosen by the Buyer, the product is reserved by the Seller for the period of 48 hours. Failure to receive the payment for the chosen product is equivalent with resignation from its purchase, and the reservation is cancelled.


IV Withdrawal from agreement


1. According to the Act dated 30th May 2014 about consumer rights ( Journal of Laws 2014, position 827), the Buyer has the right to withdraw from agreement in the period of 14 days, counting from the following day of receiving the purchased goods in the shop www.HYPERLINK ""

2. In order to withdraw from agreement, the Buyer is obliged to:

a) send to the email address a statement of withdrawal from agreement in time of 14 days from the receipt of goods, although the Buyer is not obliged to use the form of withdarwal from agreement supplied by the Seller.

b) in the period of 3 days from the receipt of information from the Seller, the Buyer sends back the product to the address supplied by the Seller.


3. The Seller, in time no shorter than 14 days from the receipt of the statement of withdrawal from agreement from the Buyer, will reimburse the Buyer all payments made, including the cost of delivery. The refund will be realised by the same method of payment as chosen by the Buyer at time of purchase, unless the Buyer agrees to some other method of the refund.


V Complaint procedure


1. The Seller is responsible to the Buyer in terms of non-compliance of goods as agreed, according to regulations from the Act of special consumer sale conditions, and the ammendment of the Civil Code dated 27 July 2002, ( Journal of Laws No.141, position 1176 with ammendments). According to the resolutions of the Act, all products on the Seller's offer, are suscribed with a 2-year warranty, and are the Seller's responsibilty.


2. The purchased product is subject to complaint, together with the proof of payment 

(a receipt, a money transfer confirmation), and the complaint form, or other declaration of intent, which the Buyer is obliged to deliver to the Seller in order to enable the examination of the Buyer's complaint.


3. The Buyer loses the privileges mentioned in point 1 of the present section, having failed to report a fault to the Seller in the period of 12 months.  The indicated period does not breach the Seller's responsibility, and expires after two years from the date of the Buyer's receipt of the purchased product. 


4. The Seller will process the complaint immediately, and in the period of 14 days counting from the date of receiving the complaint will enable the Buyer to be instructed of the Seller's opinion regarding either his acceptance or rejection of a claim.


5. The Seller's letter containing the information on the subject of the complaint's process, will also include the information regarding further stages of complaint procedure.


6. The Seller does not supply warranty on products on the online shop's offer www.HYPERLINK ""


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Address: Kołacińska 66, 03-171 Warszawa

E-mail address:

 Phone number: +48 667 019 565

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