Labels with use of Chromique technology

Due to the latest achievements in the nanotechnology field, Chromique thechnology has been developed; its appearance brightening, enriching and giving true nature to the labelled products. Labels can be permanently placed on the suitcase's surface.

Printed laminates label

Labels with colour print can be made of 3mm plexi, 3mm PCV, 1mm hips, or colour laminates. Prints are made with ink preserved with UV method, the print is available in 8 colours, CMYK + white + varnish. It ensures good colour projection, high permanence (water and UV resistance), and very high accuracy. Attached to suitcases in the form ball chain or glued.

Engraved laminates labels

Laminates are special plastic materials of coloured surface. For elegant engraved labels, metallised surfaces in gold, silver or copper brushed effect are most commonly used. They are resistant to weather conditions. They do not tarnish, or rust. Attached to suitcases with ball chain or glued.

Personalised siutcase covers - sublimation

Suitcase covers are made of polyester knitted fabric composed of: 92% polyester and 8% elastin. The fabric is available in different density from 200 g/m2 to 250g / m2. Standard sizes of covers on offer are: L/XL - 80cm x 50cm x 30cm.

Screen printing

Screen printing can be applied on many types of products made of fabric, cotton, or knitted fabric


Thermotransfer is a labelling technique relying on a logotype being melted in the fabric.

Flex Flock Foil

Flex foil printing proves itself in low-cost printing. Printing can be done in maximum two colours. It gives superb coverage and resilience. In this method we use fine Flex foil in different colours, there are also reflective, or neon foils available, as well as foils with moro, panther or leather imitation print, and special elastic foils for spandex fabrics.

Plastisol thermotransfer

By indirect screen printing. Very durable and flexible method of labelling T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, sportswear, workwear, and gadgets . It is used on cotton, polyester and combined fabrics. The technique relies on direct application of plasisol paint through screen printing on special silicon paper.

Tags: elastomers made of plastic, or soft rubber.

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